Healing Bruises

Healing Bruises - Natural Methods You Can Try at Home

Everyone bruises, this we know, but how does one go about healing bruises? After all, sometimes bruises can be large and unsightly and getting rid of them as quickly as possible is desired, especially if they are located in an obvious place that is visible to everyone.

A bruise is basically an area on your skin where a vessel or capillary has been damaged and blood has leaked out and pooled under the skin. The bruise, which usually starts out as dark and sometimes purple, will eventually fade to green and yellow as the body reabsorbs the blood beneath the skin.

Although most bruises will ultimately fade over time, there are some ways of healing bruises more quickly. Fortunately, most of them are methods that you can try yourself at home without needing to make a trip to the doctor.

There are several natural ways of encouraging healing. Bruises sometimes respond well to aromatherapy, food therapy, hydrotherapy and vitamins and minerals. There are also other home remedies that include using items that you probably already have in your refrigerator.

Applying ice to the area immediately after being injured is one way to help minimize the blood leakage. It could stop the bruise from forming in the first place, or could reduce the size of the bruise that is going to form.

It is also important to elevate the part of you that is injured so that it is higher than your heart. The reason or this is that your blood flows down from your heart so that if the injured area is raised, the elevation lone will help slow down the pace of the flowing blood.

When it comes to aromatherapy, soaking a compress in cool water and then adding a few drops of the essential oil helichrysum can help reduce the swelling and control the bleeding under the skin. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory elements to it as well, which can help the bruising.

You can also try cleaning the bruise with soap and water and then putting a warm compress on it. Adding sage tea to the compress can also help encourage the healing of the bruise. Sage tea should be brewed strongly, without adding any honey or sugar. You can then soak a cloth in the tea while it is still warm and put it directly onto the bruise.

Consuming more food that is rich in Vitamin C can also help rebuild collagen around the blood vessels in your skin. Peppers and citrus fruits are a couple of foods that are rich in Vitamin C.

Vitamins C and E can be taken in capsule form and both can help quicken the recovery time of bruises. These can easily be found at most health food stores, or in the health food aisle of most grocery stores.

Some people swear that rubbing margarine or butter onto the bruise and leaving it will help encourage healing. Others claim that the inside of a ripe banana peel, when applied to the bruise overnight, can also heal the bruise faster. Other food items that have been used as home remedies and applied directly to the bruise itself include apple cider vinegar, Heinz vinegar, raw eggs, and raw onions.

There are some instances when you should see your doctor. If you suddenly develop unexplained bruises, or you notice that your bruises are not healing as quickly as they once did then it could be a sign of other problems. In addition, if you find that you are bruising more easily than usual then it couldn’t hurt to get your physician’s outlook on the situation, either.