Reduce Bruising

Top 10 Ways to Prevent or Reduce Bruising

There are many things to try, some proven, and some suspected to reduce bruising and prevent it.  It is caused by broken capillaries, or contusions under the skin at the site of the trauma. The broken capillaries cause it to tune black and blue.  Also, if you bruise from minor bumps and dings, which are so slight you don’t notice when they happen, there may be dietary deficiencies that can be reversed through proper nutrition and supplements.

To prevent bruising:

Avoid violent people and mindless actions. Look where you are going so you don’t run into doors, chairs, or fists. Banish batterers. Avoid getting drunk or stoned, which makes you uncoordinated, clumsy, likely to trip and fall.

Do not allow babies, toddlers, children or teens to hit you or use you as a punching bag. Keep rough housing to a minimum. You laugh, but parents (moms?) have been known to do this, in the misplaced belief that they are being nice. I digress, but it’s a disservice to your children—it teaches them they can do anything they want with impunity.

Wear a helmet or protective gear during any sports or activities associated with injuries. If possible, select something that’s not associated with frequent injuries.

Don’t smoke – In addition to making your skin more susceptible to bruising, it slows healing when you do get a bruise, because it inhibits blood flow needed to heal damaged tissues.

If your vision is less than perfect, see an optometrist for vision correction contacts or glasses. Good vision can mean fewer accidents.

To reduce bruising:

Start or increase your daily dosage of Vitamin C – if you bruise easily it may be connected to low intake of this vitamin. If you take a multi-vitamin containing C, add a full potency C in addition to what you are already getting.

Apply a cold compress. This can be a cold pack, frozen vegetables in the bag, or you can make one by pouring apple cider vinegar on a washcloth and pressing it to the area for several minutes at a time; The ingredients have properties that can hasten healing and reduce discoloration.

Rub some vitamin E oil or cream into bruised area. Vitamin K is also effective in this form.

Protect area from new trauma. Use a soft gauze and medical tape to cover the area. Discontinue the activity that caused the trauma (at least temporarily).

Wolf's bane, also called mountain tobacco, obtained from a plant in Europe, is said to be helpful for both making bruises disappear faster and for alleviating accompanying soreness. It should be available in health food or natural food stores.

Following these suggestions, you will find you can prevent or reduce bruising significantly. Another alternative is to hide the bruise with cosmetics, such as a full coverage concealer, plus full coverage foundation. Concealer in a tube is inexpensive at drug or discount stores. You can try it in natural, green, lavender or yellow.  Each color is used to counteract a different skin discoloration, so experiment until it works for you. One known brand is Physician’s Formula.